organizational issues and soultions

Organizational Issues and Solutions


Leaders address issues and propose solutions. As a leader, you’ll need to stay on top of events that may facilitate or hinder productivity. You must create and implement solutions to address these issues.

In the assignment preparation, you chose an organization, described its organizational issue, and identified how it hinders organization efficiency. This assignment exposes you to complex modern organizational challenges. The solutions you devise should reflect your learning and research of organizational and individual influences in the workplace.


The new CEO has selected your consulting firm to provide an analysis of the organizational efficiency.

Write a 2–3 page, double-spaced paper in which you will present to the CEO your findings during your research steps. You must propose strategic solutions in your paper to include the following:

  1. Describe the organization and the issue to resolve:
    • Provide a brief description of the organization you selected.
    • Present the organizational issue that adversely affected productivity and that you, the consultant, will review and resolve.
    • This information can be summarized from your assignment preparation last week. Make sure to incorporate any feedback that you received from your instructor.
  2. Analyze current corporate culture:
    • How has the current corporate culture facilitated the development of the current issue? Research the organization, dig into the culture, and analyze how it contributed to this issue. Hint: Review the mission and vision statements as well as the corporate Web site.
  3. Identify areas of weakness:
    • What are the organization’s areas of weakness as they relate to the issue? Apply your research on organizational behavior approaches to aspects of corporate culture—such as diversity, teamwork, and motivational strategies—to help identify the areas of weakness.
  4. Propose solutions:
    • What organizational practices would you modify? What solutions would you recommend to management that would help solve the identified weaknesses? As a consultant, you will identify the suggestions and solutions you would present to the organization’s leadership with regard to modifying current organizational practices to resolve the issue.
  5. References and citations:
    • Provide at least two quality resources such as the course textbook, a company Web site, business Web sites (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.), resources from the Strayer Library, and/or outside sources. Note: Wikipedia and Web-based blogs do not qualify as credible resources.
    • You can find in-depth and quality company information using the Nexis Uni database through the Strayer University Online Library.
    • In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or quoting another source.
  6. Formatting and writing standards:
    • This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.

Confidentiality:Since you will be addressing real issues in real organizations in your assignments, it is important to respect confidentiality. Feel free to use an alias for any company or individuals you might mention in your assignments. Remember that all discussions about these organization should only occur within this course and not be shared with people outside the course.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Propose a solution for an organizational culture issue.
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Week 8 Paper

Assignment Instructions

Write a 500-750 word paper on the following topic: Fidelity Investments Company is a well-known mutual fund investment company. It makes investments worth billions of dollars in companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and other stock markets. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are very important for Fidelity’s investment analysts. What are GAAP? Why are financial statements that have been prepared in accordance with GAAP and audited by an independent CPA useful for Fidelity’s investment analysts? What organizations influence GAAP? Explain how they do so. Your paper must be formatted according to APA 6th edition guidelines, and you need to use at least one external reference. Save your document as “LastnameFirstinitial-ACCT100-8”. Submit your paper by midnight Eastern Time on Day 7 (Sunday). is an excellent resource to check the content and quality of writing assignments and to avoid plagiarism. An Originality Report will be generated upon paper submission, and a report is automatically uploaded for review.  Students should review the report after the paper is submitted. 

The Originality report does not actually recommend changes. It does point out where you may need to add a citation or quotation marks (if not already cited). Once you use it a few times, you will appreciate this tool, as it will assist you in improving quality and content, as well as avoid plagiarism. Your goal is to keep direct quotations to a minimum and to make sure that you do not just cut and paste material. Ensure that all your references are cited. A report with a similarity index less than 25% is acceptable for undergraduate level work.

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Precalculus homework help

LESSONS 8, 9, 10, 11
1. Find focus, directrix, and graph
A. x
2 = -9py
B. x
2 = 2p7
C. y
2 = 6px
D. y
2 = -4px
2. Wriye the equation of the parabola given vertex at (0,0) and directrix at x=4.
3. Find focus, vertex, and graph each ellipse.
A. 𝑥
= 1 B. 𝑥
= 1
4. Write the equation of an ellipse with focus at (5,0) and vertices at (8,0), centered at
5. Find focus, vertices, asymptotes, and graph each hyperbola
A. 𝑥

= 1 B. 𝑦

= 1
6. Find the equation of a hyperbola with intercept at (8,0) and focus at (11,0)
7. Evaluate the determinant | 2 3 4 |
| 0 5 1 |
| 6 0 7 |
8. Find the area of a triangle with coordinates A(2,5) B( 7,2) and C( 4, 8)
9. Solve by Cramer rule
A. 4x – 7y = 11 D= Dx= Dy =
5x + 7y = 3 x = y =
B. 4x – 3y +2z = 25 D= Dx= Dy = Dz=
x + y – z = 4 x = y = z =
3x + 2y – 5z = 4
10. Solve each non-linear system
A. y = √𝑥 − 1 and y= x – 3
B. y= x2
-7x +5 and y = 2x – 3
C. y= 3×2 +x – 5 and y = 2×2 –x – 2
D. x
2 – y
2 = 4 and 3×2 + y2 = 16
11. Find the fraction decomposition
A. 𝑤𝑥+2

B. 2𝑥+5

C. 𝑥+1

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p American history homework help


Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide. As a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, globalization is considered by some as a form of capitalist expansion which entails the integration of local and national economies into a global, unregulated market economy. Globalization has grown due to advances in transportation and communication technology. With the increased global interactions comes the growth of international trade, ideas, and culture. Globalization is primarily an economic process of interaction and integration that’s associated with social and cultural aspects. However, conflicts and diplomacy are also large parts of the history of globalization, and modern globalization. Please view this outtake about globalization and interpretation of visual evidence.  Answer the questions below, then comment on the perspectives of two of your colleagues. (9points for Original post, 6 for commenting on your colleagues’ posts).

If you cannot see the images here, attached is a PDF of the images as a scan HERE Preview the document


  1. Image A is typical of images emphasizing the economic consequences of globalization. Does globalization appear to be a force that is subject to human control? How would you define globalization?
  2. Compare image A with image B. Is there a connection between the accelerating flows of money and goods and restrictions on the movement of people?
  3. In image C, the woman’s medical mask names globalization as the enemy of workers. What does this say about the local conflict over the conditions of labor in a globalized economy?


Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954)

In 1896, the United States Supreme Court declared in Plessy v. Ferguson that the doctrine of “separate but equal” was constitutional. In 1954, the United States Supreme Court overturned that decision and ruled unanimously against school segregation. For this week’s assignment you will be looking at the American Yawp sections for “The Affluent Society”. Read through this document and answer the questions below. You should answer the questions completely and concisely. Submission guidelines at bottom.


Brown v the Board of Education of Topeka (1954)  (Links to an external site.)

linked above


1) In what way did the 1954 Brown decision by the Supreme Court mark a departure from its previous course? In what way did it not?

2) What were the successful tactics and tools used in the Montgomery boycott that were used in similarly successful struggles?

3) What does this show about the changing cultural and political climate in the U.S., and what were the push backs against these changes?

Guidelines for submissions:

Sufficient = 5-10 sentences (85-100 words), substantive, addresses the prompt and is respectful of other classmates.

Insufficient = lacking in terms of length (2-3 sentences/ 50-80 words) and/or substance.

Poor = sparse (1-2 sentence/ <50 words) and/or lacking substance and/or does not address the prompt.

Your posts should address all aspects of the discussion prompt, be a minimum of 85 words and be substantive.

Substance means providing individual insight, engagement, and depth on a topic.

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