Adult Teaching and Learning Essay Assignment

Adult Teaching and Learning Essay Assignment
Reflect on your own learning and teaching and plan for change.
You will summarise your significant learnings in respect of adult teaching and learning principles drawing from your weekly reflective journal entries throughout the course. The intention is for you to firstly reflect on key learning that has occurred for you, secondly, to reflect on your teaching practices and feedback and thirdly, recognize improvements to your teaching practice that could occur.
The summary will be approximately 1200 – 1800 words in length and will reflect your experiences as a learner, giving specific examples in relation to:

Part A: Reflecting on Significant Learning

  • Describe and reflect on four significant learnings that have occurred for you. Provide references as appropriate. These may include learning about
  • Andragogy, and assumptions about adult learners
  • Maori perspectives on learning
  • Student engagement  techniques suitable for adults (this might relate to your forum discussion on this topic)
  • The importance of effective learning outcomes in adult education Adult Teaching and Learning Essay Assignment


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  • The difference between passive and active learning
  • The links between learning outcomes and assessment
  • The value of effective planning
  • What biculturalism means in NZ tertiary education
  • Other significant learning for you personally
  • From on-campus to online – the core elements of adult education that remain central to effective learning

Part B: Reflecting on planning and teaching, and planning for change

  • Describe the feedback you received about your planning and teaching practice, and your own self-assessment of planning and teaching practice. Consider what went well (and why) and what was challenging (and why). Include at least 3 specific examples.
  • Based on your feedback and self-reflection, and things you have learned in this course, discuss what changes might you plan to make to your approach to adult teaching, and how such approaches might be useful in your professional area (please specify) or in mentoring and leadership roles.

Note: Please provide a heading and subheadings. Remember – the reflective journal summary is not a listing of events – it is a description and analysis of your reactions and thoughts to those events. Adult Teaching and Learning Essay Assignment

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