airline operations assignment

airline operations assignment
Airline Operations
Assignment Chapter 3

  1. When was the first regular domestic air mail service provided? Who flew the mail in the years before 1925? What was the major significance of the Kelly Act? Of the Air Commerce Act? Who was the successful bidder on the Columbia route? What was the name of the aircraft specifically designed to carry mail on the Columbia route? Who were six of the first 12 carriers on the newly established CAM routes?
  2. What role did Walter Folger Brown play in developing the early CAM routes? What was the Spoils Conference? Which three carriers picked up the northern, central, and southern cross-country routes? What event prompted Senator Black to investigate air mail bidding practices? What was the significance of the Air Mail Act of 1934?


  3. What was the first modern airliner? How did Douglas Aircraft get started? Describe several technical developments that took place in the 1930s. Why did the federal government tighten its grip over the industry toward the later 1930s?
  4. Who were the leading commercial aircraft manufacturers in the post-World War II period? What was Boeing doing at the time? What position did the CAB take when the major carriers wanted to establish feeder routes after the war? What major decision did the British make? Why? Briefly describe some of the technical advances that took place in the early 1950s.airline operations assignmen
  5. How did Boeing arrive at the design for the 707? What were some of the events leading up to the establishment of the Federal Aviation Agency? List and briefly explain several major economic developments in air transportation during the four decades from 1938 to 1978.
  6. Describe some of the reasons government is rooted in the economic and physical characteristics of the air transport industry. What was the major object of the Air Commerce Act of 1926? How did the act define “air commerce”? Which governmental agencies or departments were empowered to perform functions relative to carrying out the provisions of the act? Why did Congress choose to spread the workload over so many units of government?

What was the primary purpose of the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938? What does the following statement mean: “The five members of the CAA exercised quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative functions”? Describe four of the six functions of the CAA. What was the significance of the reorganization plans of 1940? Briefly describe five economic functions performed by the CAB. Describe some of the features of the Federal Aviation Act
airline operations assignment

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