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Write 2 page essay on the topic State of Economy Before the Civil War and Its Grounds.It all went to neglect at a stage in history when political discontent emerged among American-Liberians who wanted and apparently claimed political dominion which could have possibly triggered Charles Taylor (Liberia – First) to pursue an invasion of Liberia when he sought great opportunity at convincing two ethnic groups to redress the prevailing disorderly situation. This move initiated higher conflicts that involved certain tribes as the Gios and the Mandingoes (Liberia – First) who eventually became rebels whose misconception of grounds and events drove them to hatred and aggression that led to the waging of bloody Liberian civil war in Africa. It truly saddens to realize that it was merely a politically generated war which was not even founded on a patriotic cause that should have taken the welfare of Liberian citizens, especially the innocent ones to account. I could not bear to ponder about the exploitation of natural resources by the warlords who were reluctant to negotiate and settle in peaceful terms with the enemies as they gained huge advantage over the fact that disputes had been able to cover their greed and corrupt intention toward the country’s revenues and vast resources of timber, iron ore, rubber, diamonds, and gold. Because of their selfish interest to stay in power, wickedness further maintained this status by utilizing the profits with resources to buy or produce more weapons or deadly tools that killed over 200,000 excluding a million others (Liberia – First) who took refuge beyond Liberia. According to the Bureau of African Affairs: “The 1989-2003 civil war had a devastating effect on the country’s economy. Most major businesses were destroyed or heavily damaged, and most foreign investors and businesses left the country. During the administration of Charles Taylor, relations between Liberia and&nbsp.its West African neighbors became seriously strained. The outbreak of civil war in Liberia and the long dominance of Charles Taylor soured bilateral relations (Background Note).”

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