Applied Sciences homework help

• Question 1

Jacob is writing an article at work and is stuck. Karen has an idea, and Jacob is interested in hearing it. Jacob is being _________ minded?

• Question 2

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According to the text, what impact have technological advancements had on the importance of critical thinking?

• Question 3

You would MOST want to use your critical thinking skills during which of the following activities?

• Question 4

Which of the following is a good practice when thinking critically?

• Question 5

Noelle is considering buying a new car; what form of critical thinking should she use while at the dealership? Choose the BEST answer.

• Question 6

Which of the following definitions BEST describes the term “conformity”?

• Question 7

Ever since she was in high school, Tamille has been deeply committed to her belief that animal testing in all forms is wrong. One day she gets into a debate about this topic with her classmate Carissa, a strong proponent of animal testing, and she finds herself getting angry and emotional during the conversation. Which is the MOST likely explanation for Tamille’s reaction?

• Question 8

Which statement best illustrates self-interested thinking?

• Question 9

Johann’s sister believes that eating soy is healthy, but Johann believes it is not. To gather more information on the topic, Johann types “dangers of eating soy” into an Internet search engine and reads only the web articles that come up. Johann is guilty of which bias?

• Question 10

Christopher took a yearlong teaching job in another country to teach English to elementary-aged students. Christopher tells his mom that he can’t understand why students from another culture eat rice with every meal when bread is a tastier option. Which of the following statements is the MOST likely explanation for Christopher’s view on the other culture’s meals?

• Question 11

Blaise wants to convince his manager to allow well-behaved pets in the office. His inductive argument would be strongest if he provided which of the following support?

• Question 12

Premise 1: All television shows that aired in the twentieth century were game shows. Premise 2: “Supermarket Sweep” was a television show that aired in the twentieth century. Conclusion: Therefore, “Supermarket Sweep” was a game show. How does this argument hold up in terms of truth and validity?

• Question 13

Which of the following is TRUE of an inductive argument?

• Question 14

A(n) _________ is an argument with an unstated premise.Applied Sciences homework help.

• Question 15

If I purchase a fuel-efficient car, then I will use less gas. If I use less gas, then I save more money. Which of the following conclusions is BEST supported by these premises?

• Question 16

At a presidential debate, one of the candidates stated that we’re going to have to cut the defense budget or go deeper into debt. We can’t afford to go deeper into debt, so we’ll have to cut the defense budget. This is a _________ fallacy.

• Question 17

John is staunchly opposed to the legalization of marijuana. He believes that if we legalize marijuana, more people will start using heroin and cocaine.Then we’d have to legalize those, too. This is a(n) _________ fallacy.

• Question 18

During her campaign, a senator released her financial information to the public. When questioned about some irregularities in her expenses, a spokesperson for the senator said the senator needn’t account for irregularities in her expenses. After all, there are other senators who have done far worse things. This is a(n) _________ fallacy.

• Question 19



Lance claims that the United States is the greatest country in the entire world, because all other countries are inferior. His argument commits which fallacy?

• Question 20

The false dichotomy fallacy is characterized by:

• Question 21

Which of the following is something that an expert might be concerned about when reviewing a peer’s work?

• Question 22

According to the text, which of the following is an essential question that should be asked while evaluating a source?

• Question 23

Don was researching apple production for a farm stand orchard. He found a .com that discussed apple production and sold apple cider, a .com that discussed apple production and sold dried fruit, a .org that educated the community on growing apple trees, and a .org that advocated for removing genetically modified (GMO) trees from orchards. Based upon what you know about website types and target audiences, which site should Don consider the MOST credible?

• Question 24

Why should you evaluate claims against things you already know?

• Question 25

When claims are presented to you, _________ them by asking key questions.

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