Architecture and Design homework help

The Research Portfolio will be anchored by a Research Question – formed in two parts:

Question for Scholarly Research: What is your driving curiosity within the scope of this course?

Have any subjects particularly peaked your interest or confused you? What is something you would like to learn about on a deeper level?
Question for Artistic Research: What can you make or do to further understand the topic of your driving curiosity? This might include art – making, interviews, museum visits or social experiments.
Example: Student’s might struggle with the drip style of Jackson Pollock and choose to explore further Abstract Expressionism through research and creating their own Pollock-inspired work.Architecture and Design homework help.
Student’s will work with the instructor to develop successful Research questions – due no later than Week 6, Day 7 at 11:59pm – from which they will conduct both scholarly and artistic research and develop:

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Artistic Research: this could include studio work, museum visits, documentations, interviews, etc.
700 word Analytical Essay: using scholarly research students will respond to their driving curiosity.
A minimum of 3 unique sources of research must be used in this section. Focus on academic sites and museum as reliable sources for resources. You may also consult Art Journals. JSTOR is an excellent database of articles and journals on the humanities that can be accessed through the Annie Gabriel Library website in InsideCBU.)
500 word Reflective Essay: Students will address the relationship between their Artistic and Scholarly research.
How did your artistic research help you further understand your research question and inform your scholarly research?
300 word Artwork Description: use vocabulary to demonstrate mastery of writing skills on art developed throughout the course.


This description will be either of an artwork you created yourself or chose to analyze.
Annotated Bibliography for all elements – the annotated bibliography is due no later than Week 7, Day 7 at 11:59pm.
Keep in mind:

Portfolios should include a title page, subtitles for each section and be formatted according the either MLA or APA style guides.
This is a formal academic paper – therefore – first person narrative voice should not be used. (No “I,” “me,” “my.”)
Titles of artwork should always be in italics.
Artists should never be referred to be only their first name: Nolde, or Emil Nolde, but never just Emil.
Try to avoid words like “great,” or “things” or “gets” as descriptors or adjectives – be more specific. Instead of saying “the artist is great at rendering naturalistic space…” consider “the artist’s representation of three dimensional space if effective because…”
Do your best not to leave room for your reader to ask “how,” or why?”

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