You will respond to 1 of the 4 questions/prompts provided.  It is expected that you will have raised your child through the MVC online platform to be 12 mos. prior to completing these reflections & you will use information from this simulation as well as the course (e.g., readings, lectures, discussions) in your responses.  It is anticipated that your responses will be between 1-2 pages.

  1. What are your baby’s eating, sleeping and motor development patterns?  What is responsible for the growth in these areas from birth through infancy?  How do your child’s patterns and/or growth compare to the typical developmental patterns?  What do you think these early patterns might say about your child as s/he grows?
  2. What decisions did you make to support your child’s growth during this developmental period (e.g., breastfeeding) and why did you make those decisions?  What do you view as the most important thing you can do as a parent during this period of development for your child?
  3. Using one of the cognitive theories discussed in the text (e.g., Piaget), discuss your child’s cognitive development from birth through infancy.  What evidence do you see to support one of these theories in your child?  What language development are you seeing during infancy?  How can you support these areas of development?
  4. Through infancy was your child an “easy”, “slow-to-warm-up” or “difficult” baby in terms of Thomas and Chess’s classic temperamental categories?  In what other emotional ways do you see your child developing during infancy?  Discuss the “goodness-of-fit” for you and your household.  On what do you base this judgment?  What do you think these early patterns might say about your child as s/he grows?

I uploaded the instructions for the essay.And there are two reports to write the essay from.. So choose from these Questions 1, 2 ,3, or 4. Just one.

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