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I need some assistance with these assignment. genetic testing in the film genetics and public policy: chosen children Thank you in advance for the help! Concerns about Genetics Genetics and Public Policy is an interesting documentary which shows that everything has bothpositive and negative sides. Genetic testing is a huge opportunity for people to have healthier children and prevent different disabilities and diseases. On the other hand, genetic testing addresses several ethical and moral issues which need to be regulated by empowered authorities. This documentary represents a summary of the latest finding and concerns regarding their value for people because possibilities of genetic testing result in different opinions scientists express. Watching the film, I found it amazing to what extent genes control human organisms. I have read about genes before, but I had no idea about the latest findings in the industry. They make up chromosomes, which compose DNA. The documentary states that 99% of DNA people have are identical and only 1% makes all people unique. Any deviations in chromosomes result in disabilities or certain diseases like sickle cell disease or Down syndrome. Indeed, if people can observe the development of chromosomes and detect deviations in their number or structure, they can help couples have healthy children. It is interesting that scientists can use genetic testing to “program children”. for instance they could influence eyes color or even sex of a future child. In this way people can predict and support healthy and sustainable future generation. The biggest surprise for me is that scientists do not share common views on the need of regulation for genetic testing. Some of them say that government already pays too much attention to what they do and it makes the process slower. The other group of scientists believes that the process is already too fast and government should impose more regulations on genetic testing. This group of scientists is afraid of opening a new Pandora box because nobody knows how far people can go in search of a perfect human being.I agree with the arguments which support stronger regulations for genetic testing. It is a great progress in science, but its results will support unwanted consequences such as greater gap between the rich and the poor. All scientists agree that genetic testing is a costly procedure. as a result, only rich people will afford to use it to have better and healthier children. Poor children will be deprived of these advances and their children will be weaker. Moreover, disabled people will be oppressed by the fact that their parents could prevent their disability but they did not do it. Developing technologies and theories allow scientists to gain speed and make more discoveries. At the same time, people do not spend much time estimating the contribution and effect of each discovery regarding genetic testing.All in all, I believe that genetic testing is important, but people should not overuse it. All children are beautiful because they are different. Using genetic testing for generating expected appearance or sex is not good because it can ruin natural balance. Of course, if people can use genetic testing for health improvements, it is great. however, all people should have the access to these services. The world is already unequal. if genetics contribute to greater inequality, people need to think about possible ways to minimize side effects of their scientific discoveries. Works Cited“Genetics and Public Policy: Chosen Children”. Genetics and Public Policy Center. 2008. Web. March 15, 2014. &lt. &gt.

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