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Need an argumentative essay on Multistep reserach. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.At the same time, burning it pollutes the environment as well. The objective of this paper is to discuss various forms of transport and their impacts to the society.Transport is a primary contributor to the process of industrialization. It facilitates the movement of raw materials to manufacturers, and processed products to potential buyers. It also assists in the creation of employment opportunities, for instance, it employs drivers and pilots (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 90). Thus, enhances standards of living. Transport networks and mechanisms assist greatly during emergencies and natural calamities. They provide a means through which people and property can be moved from volatile to safer areas.Air transport involves the use of planes, choppers, and air balloons. It is the most efficient means of transport when it comes to business connectivity and efficiency. It is also reliable for leisure since it offers an aerial view for diverse views and is quite fast. Reliable air transportation facilitates international tourism and faster transportation of goods, particularly perishable goods, more than any other means. Thus, it is an important instrument for economic growth. It is a fundamental instrument of globalization. This is because, it has a high capacity for enhancing integration of political, economic, social and cultural activities at an international level. It is the most expensive mode of transport, and therefore, often reserved for affluent travelers (Daley 1).In the occurrence of natural calamities air transport is usually the most convenient mode of movement of goods and people. Air transport is often affected by adverse weather conditions and is quite uneconomical for short distance movement. In terms of security, air transport accidents are usually the harshest as it normally leads to massive damage of goods and loss of life.

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