Blood sugar is an important indicator

Blood Sugar Premier Review of a person’s mental and physical health. Not only is it an indicator of the most prevalent disease of today’s times, diabetes, but it also shows how all the parts of your body are working in conjunction to maintain the coordination. A spike in blood sugar can lead to several serious problems, affecting not only the insulin related receptors of the body, but also other parts of the body like the legs, breaking down specific cells in knee caps and other joints. Also it can cause kidney related problems. Heart problems are developed in persons affected by diabetes. Nerve damage is also not unheard of. But all this need not frighten anyone, for there are several natural methods of replenishing the blood cells of the body and reduce the blood sugar levels.

If you consult a physician, then he will prescribe insulin, which is he preferred anti oxidant in case blood sugar. These will tend to break down the excess sugar in the human cells and tend to store the produced energy away from the blood cells so at hat blood sugar levels reduces. Also, this is done so as to reduce sugar levels in the blood, all this sugar is stored in the form of energy at some other place and used at a later time. This solution is handy for people suffering from chronic diabetes, or that of diabetes type I.For people suffering from diabetes type II, which is less chronic than its brother, there are a lot of natural methods, namely, exercises, taking energy rich diet which is low in sugar and carbohydrate content. Also, taking a lot of water helps since it prevents dehydration. Dehydration leads to lot of related disorders that has a marked effect on he blood sugar levels of the body.

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Uncontrolled type 1 or type 2 diabetes can ravage your heart, kidneys, brain, and pancreas. While these complications of diabetes are well known, many don’t realize the strong link between diabetes and oral health. In fact, it’s well documented that people with diabetes have much higher rates of oral health issues. Everything from tooth loss to gum disease becomes more likely as diabetes control worsens.Even if you have diabetes, you’re not destined to a toothless existence. Studies show that diabetics who keep their sugar under control greatly reduce their risk of gum disease. Interestingly, the relationship between your mouth and your diabetes is a two way street. It’s thought that your mouth isn’t just a reflection of diabetes care… but an influence of it.

For example, periodontal disease, a condition where excessive bacterial growth damages your gums, is known to elicit your body’s stress response. This stress response isn’t confined to your gums… your entire immune system springs into action. While the coordination of your immune system is helpful in keeping infection in check, it also has the unfortunte side effect of making cells less sensitive to insulin.Many researchers think that poor oral hygiene and high blood sugar are part of a vicious cycle. As blood sugar rises, it makes your mouth more susceptible to infections. As infections take hold, blood sugar rises. It’s no wonder that a study published in the Journal of Periodontology found that treating periodontal disease in diabetic populations greatly improved their glycemic control.

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