Business & Finance homework help

Print out your income statement, balance sheet, and other financial statements generated from the simulation of Quarter 5. (10 points)

Print out your income statement and balance sheet of Quarter 6. (10 points)

Capital budgeting project analysis (Q6) (20 points):

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Print the spread sheets of A and B

How do you determine the cost of capital? Show your calculation.

Do you choose A, B, both, or neither? Why?


How do you finance the project? Why?

Production and pricing strategy based on your decision in Q6 (25 points):

How do you decide how much you produce during this quarter?

How do you price your products?

Do you purchase new machines, plants, or both? Why?

If you purchase new machines or plants, how did you finance the purchase? Why? Show your calculation.Business & Finance homework help.

How do you determine the dividends per share of common stocks for Q6? Show your calculation. (10 point)

Performance evaluation of Q6(25 points):

a. Provide a financial ratio analysis of your performance. You need to calculate at

least one ratio in each categories and analyze your performance.

Accounting returns

Efficiency measure


Financial leverage


b. Write quarters.


a brief paragraph about how to improve the performance for the next 10

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