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Write a 1 page essay on GLOBALIZATION: THE UNITED STATES IN THE WIDER WORLD.Environmental degradation has been experienced mostly from the perspectives of soil erosion, desertification, and disappearance of watersheds (Population and Sustainable Development, n.d). Most countries have employed low efficiency practices in production of the required supplies. This has led to another environmental problem known as global warming or climate change that has affected seasons and caused havoc such as unexpected floods. Poor countries have been affected from the perspective of health. This is because a large population requires more resources putting the burden on sanitary. This leads to diseases and other health problems (Human Population & Environmental Issues Environmental Issues, n.d). However, there are practices that can be employed to resolve the environmental problems. First, since it might not be possible to control the growth of the population, application of ways that can reduce global warming such as efficient production methods can help in eliminating global warming and climate change issues. Second, increasing awareness on the importance of forests and encouraging people to plant trees may also go a long way in resolving this problem. This is because this can eliminate desertification and soil erosion issues. With respect to sanitary issues in the developing countries, establishment of ways to increase cleanliness such as environmental cleaning initiatives could help in addressing this issue. These humanly possible ways can be used in eliminating most of the environmental issues related to high

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