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I will pay for the following essay News release. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The company CEO, Brian Cornell says that the company will seek to redeem its reputation as a leading online shopping outlet in the country. However, the business of online shopping continues to experience security challenges due to increasing sophistication of data theft technologies. The CEO states that the company will invest in data security systems to detect any fraudulent activities in order to implement the new strategies.Cornell asserts that the business of the company remains stable despite the attacks. The corporation is taking bold actions to ensure data security. The measures include constant monitoring of possible fraudulent activities, advising customers to create stronger passwords and also to report such criminal attempts to the relevant authorities for further investigations.“Despite the security breaches last year, the company has recorded an increase in digital sales. This means that our loyal customers have more trust in the company and believe that their data is safe with us. We will maintain our commitment towards offering our customers quality services. We will also deploy other value-addition strategies to give customers more value for their money. For example, the company will expand its free shipping to customers during the festive season to increase their trust in the company. We will also continue seeking other sustainable ways of increasing customer satisfaction,” says Cornell.In 2013, the company experienced a major data breach that exposed the customers’ details. The data bleach targeted credit and debit card details of the customers. The company considers the act as criminal and aimed at reducing the trust in the company.The CEO explains that the company’s digital sales depend on products offered by the company and how it rewards its loyal customers. The company will increase the products to 35000 to give the customers a wider

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