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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Advertisement in the Far East Economic Review magazine in 1972. This “Advertisement in the “Far East Economic Review” magazine in 1972” outlines and analyzed the ad which was published in this particular media, its style and strategies. This advertisement uses sexual appeal to attract potential customers to use the airline. The advertisement poem is based entirely on sexuality to attract customers to choose MSA for there are beautiful airhostesses waiting to serve them early in the morning. Not just that, the picture that accompanies the text, shows a very pleasant looking woman standing amidst the passengers who are all men. This too is hinting at some sort of sexual discrimination that the airline seeks to exploit in order to get new customers (Goffman, 1979).Besides the critical sexist outlook of the advertisement, the poetry used in the advertisement is pretty catchy. Small verses are always helpful since the readers get them on their tongues quicker and they can relate to what they read when they are looking for a reliable service or product. The ad by MSA uses short verses, catchy words and sexual attraction to persuade customers to the airline.Although the ad is about attracting all kinds of customers to MSA, the picture depicts a slightly different story. It shows customers who are well suited indicating that MSA would be a great service for professional elites. By doing so, it would attract customers who are at the wealthier side and can afford more airline visits. This is indeed a clever strategy by the airline.That is again a very important aspect in the advertisement.

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