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Write a 12 pages paper on global warming as an ethical issue. The post war era saw the development of the industry on rapid scale. This came about in the form of development sector, heavy industry, production and manufacturing field. All these industries and developmental progresses led to the dimension of industrial wastes. The wastes so emitted from the industry were not just limited to the industrial surroundings. rather it got infused into the surroundings as well in the form of water, air and people. The original and slowly visible traces of the global warming can be traced back to the days of late 19th and early 20th century when industries saw a boom and technology gained impetus leading to establishment of heavy industries.The water waste is a result of number of things. These include the direct disposition of wastes into the water in the form of dumping of wastes. The others include the addition and disposition of wastes through the pipelines and exits of the industries and other heavily built machinery and instruments into the waters and seas. The different parts of the developed communities show heavy pipelines being developed and leading into the seas, rivers and oceans. The direct impact falls upon the water that is within the oceans, the sea life in the form of the fishery and other living material. Furthermore, the impact also falls upon the water extracted from these rivers and seas which is used for the domestic purposes at homes. Finally, the coral reef and other naturally gifted and present under sea wild life and aquatic material is at a threat. The waste material forms pours of clouding and protection which leads to prevention of sun reaching deep into the water, as a result the coral reef damage. The coral reef makes up for an integral part of the sea life and healthy coral reef adds to the beauty as well as the overall naturally balanced aquatic life.

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