At the following link, view the Closed Captioned Interview of former President, Ronald Reagan, conducted by the Commission on the Bicenntennial of the U.S. Constitution in 1991.

     Also view the October 27, 1964 speech Reagan gave in support of the Barry Goldwater campaign for President:

     Also view the following Speech delivered by Ronald Reagan,  known as the “Evil Empire” Speech, 1983.

Answer the following study questions in a 600-word-minimum essay, quoting each of the 3  primary sources listed above , at least once each to support your arguments. Make sure you provide parenthetical citations of your sources after all quoted materials. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list. I want this composed as an essay. At the end of your essay you must post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts. DON’T FORGET!!!

1. Give FULL identification of the interviews,  the speeches and your textbook : When were they written, delivered, and/or produced? by whom? where? why? their historical setting? who were the intended audiences? Refer to the powerpoint on properly vetting your sources.

2. Your textbook discusses working-class whites leaving the Democratic Party for the Republican Party. Why? What reasons did Reagan give for leaving the Democratic Party?  

3. Compare and contrast Reagan’s domestic agenda, especially his Reagonomics,  as discussed in your text with Reagan’s own words about it in his speeches. Are the differences significant? Why or Why not?

4. Compare and contrast your textbooks discussions about Reagan’s approach to his foreign policy agenda with his own words from his speeches. Again, Any significant differences? Describe Reagan’s role in the collaspse of Communism and the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. 

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CRJ 180 Multiple Choice Questions ASAP

According to Erich Goode, a way to explain adolescent involvement in delinquency is through:
Answer    social learning theory
   failure to fit into conventional society
   inadequate child-parent relationships
   social bond theory
Over the past 15 years, the number of females arrested for violent crimes has increased ____ percent.
Answer    15

Infanticide is primarily committed by members of a child’s family using ____.
Answer    poison
   hands or feet

6 points  
In 2005, the U.SHistorically, which of the following was not handled by the juvenile court?
Answer    neglected children
   hate crimes
   status offenses

. Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty for offenders under the age of 18 at the time they committed their crime:
Answer    could continue as it is in line with the Stubborn Child Law of the Constitution
   violates the Eighth Amendment
   is acceptable to the general public and, therefore, constitutional
   violates the principle of parens patriae

Once a juvenile is detained and a petition is filed, a hearing must be scheduled within:
Answer    24 hours
   48-72 hours
   85-120 hours
   1 week

When a juvenile is suspected of committing a crime, police have the discretion to:
Answer    release the child and report the contact
   interrogate or search the child
   turn the child over to their parents under the promise of punishment
   both A and B are correct

Most youth tend to pick friends who are like themselves. The term that describes this process is called_________.
Answer    homophily

According to criminologist Ko-lin Chin, Chinese gang activity is dominated by:
Answer    fighting over turf
   accumulating money
   doing drugs
   organizing prostitution rings
The Rochester Youth Development Study found that gang members accounted for _____ percent of the serious delinquent acts in the community.
Answer    10
   nearly 40
   more than 85

Some risk factors associated with gang membership include:
Answer    poverty
   failure in school
   prior violence
   increased drug use
   all of the above are correct

Latchkey children are those who:
Answer    regularly pick the locks on their neighbor’s homes
   have been abandoned at home by work-oriented parents
   regularly care for themselves without adult supervision after school or on weekends
   have highly authoritarian parents
In a study of the relationship between religiosity and delinquency, Travis Hirschi and Rodney Stark found that:
Answer    religious adolescents had lower rates of delinquency
   religious adolescents had higher rates of delinquency
   atheist adolescents had lower rates of delinquency than religious adolescents
   there was no relationship between religiosity and delinquency
According to Russell Hill and Frank Stafford, one way mothers compensate for being in the paid labor force full-time is by:
Answer    spending more money on their children
   cutting down on their own sleep and leisure time
   taking time off from work to be with their children
   spending more time with their children on weekends
According to Bruce Chadwick and Brent Top, the more _____ a person is, the less likely he or she will participate in delinquent or criminal behaviors.
Answer    ethical
   financially secure
According to the most recent Indicators of School Crime and Safety report, children were ___ times more likely to be murdered away from school than at school.
Answer    5

Children are ____ times more likely to be murdered away from school than at school.
Answer 16

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in _____, that school officials may legally search students and their lockers without consent.
Answer    Thompson v. Carthage School District
   New Jersey v. T.L.O.
   Vernonia School District 47J v. Acton
   West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

Research has found that schools with zero-tolerance policies are _____ orderly and secure than schools, which use a case-by-case approach.
Answer    significantly more
   significantly less
   no more
   no less

Peers offer each other a sense of which of the following?
Answer acceptance
   all of the above are correct

Which one of the following is not a risk factor for very early childhood and delinquency?
Answer    maternal smoking
   parent incarceration
   exposure to lead

Impoverished neighborhoods often are characterized by which of the following?
Answer    high rates of self-employment
   inadequate education systems
   strong social support networks
   both B and C are correct

The most effective prevention programs are aimed at children in:
Answer    the earliest stages of life
   preschool and kindergarten
   run-down neighborhoods
   early Head Start program

The numerous early prevention programs conducted since the 1970’s have concluded that:

 A _____ approach to the drug problem involves using a public health model to reduce the risks and consequences of using illicit drugs.
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Assignment – Presidential Elections

Assignment 1

Assignment – Presidential Elections

Select a presidential election year from 1952 – 2004.  You are about to take a journey into the past….  Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

Go to The Living Room Candidate website:

Click on your selected election year to the left.  Read the “overview” section, and each section associated with the names of the candidates.  Be sure to do this first so you have background information on the times and what the major issues were during that election year.

After reading the introductory material, look at the small images at the bottom of the page.  For each of these that you click on, you’ll see an actual television commercial for that candidate’s campaign.  Watch each of the commercials for your selected election year.  While watching take notes about the type of ads they used. How were they trying to “sell” the candidate?  Were they attacking their opponents?  What strategies were they using?

After watching the commercials, go back to the upper right  and click on “RESULTS” for your election year.  Check out the electoral map that appears. 

After completing these steps, you will write an analysis of this election year and the campaign that took place.  Write a 2-3 page analytical essay answering the following questions.  Feel free to expand on your thoughts more – you do not need to stick only to the questions below.

What were your thoughts on the commercials?  Did the candidates “fight fair”?  Did they use good tactics to prove why a voter should vote for them?

If you were a voter in that election, based on the commercials, who would you have voted for and why?

Who won the election?  Did you feel that candidate had the better, more convincing commercials?  Why or why not?

Grading Rubric:

Essay is between 2-3 pages in length – 10 points

Essay, at minimum, answers the thought questions provided – 20 points

Essay gives clear descriptions of commercials, making it evident that student viewed the commercials and understood their content – 30 points

Essay shows analysis of the topic, links commercials to candidate’s success, explains the effectiveness of the commercial on the viewer, etc. – 40 points

Assignment 2

Petition Project: You belong to an imaginary territory that is part of the land mass you know as “The Northwest Territories.” (you can think up your own name). Your territory desires to be admitted into the United States of America.

You must create a petition in a Word document requesting admittance to the Union based upon the requirements described in the Northwest Ordinance (1787)–see this link In that petition, you must explain to Congress how your territory has satisfied all the requirements (for instance: how did you come up with the population number? don’t just say you’ve reached that magical figure.) 

Part of that petition is a draft of your state’s future constitution. You only need create the “preamble.” Below are links to the preambles of the listed states’ original constitution. Your preamble should resemble them in tone and language.

Indiana  Illinois  Kentucky  Michigan  Ohio   Wisconsin 

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American Party System

What did pres. Washington mean in his “farewell address” when he warned of the dangers of factions and divisions created by the negative impacts of “political parties”? what is the impact of party organization and leadership through the first century of our nation’s history in relation to the control and direction of our government and its policies? did Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Hayes, teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and other presidents have an impact on their “parties ” through their own policies and leadership, and how did they develop their party ideologies and platforms during their administrations?

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Assignment: Risk Scenarios

During the operations of unmanned systems, incidents or accidents can happen. The process in mitigating the negative outcomes or preventing such cases from happening is called safety management and risk assessment.

Risk assessments of negative scenarios are relevant tools in risk management. While they are useful in describing potentially occurring situations, their core purpose is describing how to handle the risk from these scenarios. A scenario allows the responsible party to ask the right questions and prepare for unexpected occurrences. It is then possible to develop either preventions or countermeasures. This makes it possible to deal with the risk in an adequate manner. A possible scenario is examined for the following factors:

  1. Occurrence, frequency, or probability (how often?)
  2. Severity or impact (how bad?)

Before you start with the assignment, please check out (either online or in the Hunt Library) how to design risk scenarios and a relevant assessment. Also, refer to the Risk Management Handbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (FAA-H-8083-2) 

Please prepare one risk scenario dealing with unmanned systems. Define proper countermeasures and make a proposal for regulatory measures: What kind of legal actions have to be taken by a government body or administration to ensure safe operations?

Visualize and describe your special risk assessment scenario in a document not longer than three pages and submit it to your instructor. 

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texas government assignment


You are a Vice President of Community and Public Affairs for the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Organization. You have worked for the company for about 10 years and as such, have developed a close relationship with the owner Mark Cuban.

The owner has put you in charge of a new program of the team. The intent of the program is to use the resources and knowledge of the Mavericks to help solve a pressing policy problem or issue being faced in the State of Texas or at local government. He has asked you to write a paper that provides him background on an issue of your choosing that you believe the company should focus its resources to try an influence or solve.

The first part of the paper should introduce the topic. It is important that you give background about what you have been asked and provide an overview of the problem. The body of the paper should contain the pertinent information that you want to convey. Here you focus on the different perspectives or opinions on the issues. In the conclusion, summarize the major points of the paper and make your recommendation to the President about what SWA’s position should be, why you take that position and how the Mavericks can help solve the problem

This paper has no mandatory length requirement. You only goal is to cover the material and make the best argument to the President. The paper should be doubled spaced with regular spacing and margins. Use 10 or 12 pitch fonts. You are not required in the paper to footnote sources, If, however, you quote from a text or use statistical data in making your point, you must footnote the sources. The paper will account for one-fourth of the grade.

You will also be asked to give a brief oral presentation of the paper to the class. Please turn in your paper on ECampus

Suggested Topics:

School Shooting **** Gerrymandering Campus Carry Law Improving Texas public education Poverty in Dallas,

Death penalty 20% tax on imports and the impact on Texas “Bathroom Bill” that is being considered (see me) Trade Policy Building the Wall on the border of Mexico Immigration Policy Federalism under Trump Marijuana Legalization in States Sanctuary Cities

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Activity for Assessment:

Education in the United States is in a somewhat precarious situation as a result of low funding, low teacher pay, lack of resources, etc.  Texas is not exempt from this.  In fact, we have been struggling for years to find a way to fund schools in a fair manner, but make sure there are not huge disparities between school districts.  We’ve tied “Robin Hood” and that was unfair.  We’ve raised taxes on goods and properties.  It is not solving the problem.  For this discussion you are going to dive into the world of public education in Texas.  Read the following articles and then answer the questions:

1.) What is the purpose behind the new rating system for Texas schools?  Do you agree with this method?

2.) Based on the small sampling from UT, how are the elected officials doing with regards to public education?  Was there any difference between the two political parties?

3.) What are some of the problems facing lawmakers when dealing with the issue of school finance?  As we read in the articles, this has been a long standing policy problem in the Texas Legislature and for the public schools.  Why?  What funding issues face lawmakers?

4.) What about special education?  We have a growing need for this in our public schools.  What is happening with that?  Are we doing enough in our state to better accommodate our special needs children?

5.) Overall, what are your thoughts on this topic?

Please be sure to meet the requirements for posting in the discussion board.  For more specifics, please refer to to the directions provided in the Start Here tab in eCampus. Do not forget your works cited.  Since the above-mentioned web links/articles are all required for this discussion, you must include them in your works cited.  Any additional research must be included in your sources as well.   

  • Posted: 4 Months Ago
  • Due: 06/11/2018
  • Budget: $10
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Processes & Analyses For Computer Crime Investigations

2 part assignment

Part 1:

8-10 pages, The state crime lab has contracted AB Investigative Services (ABIS) to prepare a forensic plan to ensure that current problems with computer forensic investigations are erased and training is provided. 

An initial ABIS audit shows that many areas of the lab are not prepared to conduct extensive computer forensic evidence collection. You have been asked to prepare a set of recommendations on how to handle the following areas and related problems:

  • Forensic plan and policy adherence: How will the investigator and the lab ensure proper QA and QC over computer forensic products?
  • Order of volatility: How do we deal with suppliers, distributors, and end-consumers? Do we offer special pricing to different customer sets?
  • Inventory and warehouse management: How do we handle returns?
  • Customer service: How will customers communicate with us?
  • Security and privacy: How do we protect our intellectual property and customer data?
  • Technology: Should we outsource any applications/functions? What new technology applications are required to accommodate e-business? 

 consider all challenges within each area that could be addressed. 

Part 2:

1-2 pages 

Order of volatility, research this topics from the assignment description and make several key recommendations for  area. Apply your learning in technology coursework, personal experience, and Internet research to make recommendations in each of these areas. Where you do not have sufficient background information from the case study, you may make assumptions—as long as they are stated and supported. 

Please cite all references

APA format

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Government 2306

  1. How much does it cost to run for office in Texas?
    2. How will you raise money? (read this handy info from the Texas Democratic Party before you violate any campaign finance laws: )
    3. Name interest groups that will support/oppose you?  Go to and identify two (2) interest groups that you think will support your campaign, and two (2) who will oppose your campaign.  Explain why? (referring to your platform).
  2. What’s your SLOGAN? 
  3.  Design a campaign sign
  4. How do you get out the vote? Given your issue stands, what voter groups do you need to target?  (refer back to the district analyses documents on your current legislator’s homepage


Program-Level Outcome 1: Communication Skills – to include effective development, interpretation and expression of ideas through written, oral and visual communication

1. Written: Process and produce effective written communication adapted to audience, purpose, and time constraints.

3. Visual: Effectively interpret visual images or produce effective visual images.

Program-Level Outcome 2: Critical Thinking Skills – to include creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information

Program-Level Outcome 5: Personal Responsibility – to include the ability to connect choices, actions, and consequences to ethical decision-making

Program-Level Outcome 6: Social Responsibility – to include intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities

Course-Level Objectives met with this assignment:  

5. Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in Texas.

6. Analyze the state and local election process.

7. Identify the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

8. Analyze issues, policies and political culture of Texas.

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