Project Scenario Assignment Paper
Your manager is putting together teams for a CTF competition coming up in a few months with some of the largest companies. Centralia Technology wants its own teams to compete with the best in the country.
As a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst Blue Teamer at Centralia Technology, you have been asked to submit a survey to your manager of an individual CTF activity.
The CTF activities are designed to create a collaborative team learning environment. Your manager wants everyone to participate in a simulated CTF event individually. Project Scenario Assignment Paper.  Following that, you will be placed into a team so that you and your team members can combine your skill sets to analyze and solve challenges.
Section II: Strategies Employed
Explain how you approached two of the 10 CTF challenges you attempted and solved. For example, what techniques, tools, websites, or other resources did you use?


Section III: Lessons Learned 
· What are your strengths/How would your skills benefit a CTF team?
· Which challenge banks did you find easy?
· What areas do you need more practice in?
· Which challenge banks did you struggle with or avoid?
· Were there challenges you attempted but did not complete or challenges that you did not attempt?
· How can you improve your skills in that area (strategies, tools, websites, etc.)? Project Scenario Assignment Paper.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Agriculture Paper
Part – 1  ( About 5 pages + References)
Detailed Introduction ( About 2 pages)
Select any 5 companies on the selected Topics ( Preferably companies where you can get Dataset easily for KPI)
Select any 15 KPI from the websites like or some other site related to the topic / Industry
Finalize 6 to 8 KPIs from the above list to collect Data Sets
Part – 2  ( Detailed explanation on the selected 6 KPIs and Conclusion) – About 12 pages
Detailed analysis on each of the selected KPI from collected data for companies chosen above ( if no specific data on those selected companies then can write about industry) . – No need to mention research method etc. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Agriculture Paper.


Note :  One of the KPIs data should be from below website and must explain about KPI – Fertilizers per Output
You can use the below KPIs.  These can change if you need to change them ( Except # 6).

  • The yield per Acre
  • Soil Optimization
  • profitability per field/ department
  • Wages to revenue
  • Feed and water consumption
  • Fertilizers per Output
  • Chemicals per output
  • Plants per Hectare
  • Field Utilization Rate
  • operating profit
  • Waste Percentage
  • People Efficiency
  • Estimated Production Potential
  • Sow mortality %
  • Time to regenerate harvested areas
  • Deforestation rate
  • % of forest areas under protected status
  • Area of forest cut over annually
  • Achieved thinning versus prescribed

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Agriculture Paper

WK4 Group Case Study – Security And Outside Plant Installation
·  State which solution you would choose for each security concern and indicate clearly with supporting documentation WHY you made that choice.
Your instructor will assign you to a group. Within your group you can set up a group WebEx, chat, skype, or other communication tool to determine how best to complete this case study. Each person will contribute to the collaboration portion to complete this case study. Include the Names of each member on your team and a brief description as to how they participated.
Active participation is expected, but the quality, not the quantity, is the key to creating a successful collaborative learning environment for everyone. Instructional approaches for this course are highly interactive and experiential. WK4 Group Case Study – Security And Outside Plant Installation.


For this week’s case, you be looking at Security issues that deal with outside plant installations in a “real” scenario.
You will be using the class book and Library research as well as the Right of Way manual developed by the city of Burleson, Texas to determine what security issues correspond with the requirements the local jurisdiction has in the case of a new installation of media and make at least 2 recommendations for handling security to complete the installation project. In this example, a city street must be crossed to interconnect two buildings to each other. Therefore, the local jurisdiction does cover Right of Way issues.
Here is the scenario:
You are the network manager for the local school district. Due to growth in the city, one of the elementary schools has run out of classroom space. Across a city street from this elementary school, there is a church that is for sale. The school district is considering purchasing this church as a low-cost way to expand the space in the elementary school. The local-area networks in the two buildings will have to be connected to each other. Due to the school district’s data-security policy, the connection must be made using wired media. To install this media, the city street between the two buildings must be crossed. This crossing will be underground. Here is the relationship of the two buildings.
As the network manager, you will have done a feasibility study and are now at the point of looking at vendors, timelines, and project specifics. You will first issue a request for proposal (RFP) to hire a firm to perform this work for the school district. WK4 Group Case Study – Security And Outside Plant Installation. To create this RFP, you must determine what the city’s requirements are for this type of work. While using sources such as your text book, the library, reading the Right of Way Manual (Links to an external site.) and the background information from the Lab content item this week:

  • Give at least 2 security concerns you would have with this project.
  • Give at least 2 possible solutions for EACH security concern.
  • State which solution you would choose for each security concern and indicate clearly with supporting documentation WHY you made that choice.

You will submit your answers as a single paper from the team. Include the Names of each member on your team and a brief description as to how they participated


Give at least 2 security concerns you would have with this project.(Marroquin)1.   The first concern is with the construction and equipment. With the construction of a new site to obtain new networking establishment between the two building sites can cause an issue with the existing constructed buildings and structure already in place. This movement of the network’s infrastructure can be costly when redirecting wiring from one area to another just across the street. This movement will require permits, construction plans, and much drilling for the cables being ran will be required to run underground. Its not to mention that there may already be preexisting wires in the area that could interfere with the new cabling going in. for something that should be a minor project it can turn into months and become costly over time. 2.   The second concern will be with the security.In this situation one needs to have a tighter hold on security to put in place for the network other site in order to maintain that security between the two sites one will need to provide the necessary equipment to construct a new and secure firewall between the two builds to prevent access from the smaller former church site to the amin site at the school.  WK4 Group Case Study – Security And Outside Plant Installation.The new acquired building will need to be retrofitted to meet the networking standards in today’s networking infrastructure and may need updating throughout the facility that can also become more additional cost. Security will become the mail concern due to its offsite location from the school and could require more IT support along with offsite security monitoring and more personnel. Given this is a preexisting site a more though investigation may be needed before proceeding.
WK4 GROUP CASE STUDY – SECURITY AND OUTSIDE PLANT INSTALLATION·Give at least 2 possible solutions for EACH security concern. (Brigida)First, a request for proposal (RFP) to perform this work for the school district will be issued to determine the best vendor, timeline, and project specifics including cost. Due to the increasing number of facilities, the Public Right-of-Way Ordinance was adopted to administer and enforce regulation. WK4 Group Case Study – Security And Outside Plant Installation.

Quiz IT Electronic Documents Management Paper
1-The HIPAA Security Rule protects:
verbal data
electronic data
written data
All of the above
2-According to HIPAA, PHI does NOT include:
IP addresses
Patient’s past medical treatment information
Payments for  health care provision
Health information with the identifiers removed
3-Which of the following access control mechanisms used to prevent employees from copying a document labeled with high security to another document labeled with ‘public’? Quiz IT Electronic Documents Management Paper.
4-It would be appropriate to release patient information to:
the patient’s (non-attending) physician brother
personnel from the hospital the patient transferred from 2 days ago, who is calling to check on the patient
the respiratory therapy personnel doing an ordered procedure
retired physician who is a friend of the family
5-Healthcare providers must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI) that the covered entity creates, receives, maintains, or transmits under:


6-The mission of the law is to protect consumers’ personal financial information held by financial institutions
7-Which of the following statements about retention principles is true?
Organizations should keep business records as long as possible.
We only need to manage the records that are in use. Quiz IT Electronic Documents Management Paper.
How long the records should be kept depends on  the legal requirements and business needs.
Due to the security consideration, organizations should retain records longer than required.
8-Red flag rule requires that financial institutions:
must implement a written Identity Theft prevention Program
must comply with PCI standards
notify the customer that they may be a victim of identity theft
All of the above
9-Restricting access to the IT Department office of a hospital would fall under which type of safeguard required by the Security Rule of HIPAA?
10-According to Omnibus Final Rule, which of the following statements are correct?
If one EMR software vendor needs access to PHI, it would need to complete a BAA.
Business associates does not include entity that  maintain PHI.
A BAA is required for the US Postal Service.
Cloud service providers for EMR storage and backup are not liable for compliance with the HIPAA privacy rule.
11-Which of the following is not part of the PII definition established by GAPP:
Credit card number
Student ID
Medical information
12-This term refers to the security practice where no one has more access than is needed to do their job
Least privilege
CIA Triangle
13-The law “to protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures made pursuant to securities laws, and for other purposes.” Quiz IT Electronic Documents Management Paper.


14-Being able to recover records after a disaster:
15-Law that requires a free credit report annually
Red Flag Rule
16-Any list, description, or other grouping of consumers (and publicly available information pertaining to them) derived using any personally identifiable financial information that is not publicly available
17-Which of the following is specific to the health care industry?
Non-public financial information
Student academic record
18-The statutory requirement that public companies submit quarterly and annual reports is promulgated by which agency:
19-Disposition is not part of the records management lifecycle.
20-In the CIA Triangle, the letters  refer to what:
Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
Central Intelligence Agency
Confidentiality, Intrusion, and Availability
Cybersecurity In Action
Quiz IT Electronic Documents Management Paper