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Need an argumentative essay on Federal Governmant (Specific topic is listed below). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.The crime authority personnel or the lawyer can also call you whenever needed in the case in order to have relevant information about the incident even if you are not present in the location where the incident happened but have relevant information about it. Among the duties, one of the duties relates to taxes also.It is the constitutional duty of all American citizens to pay taxes. Taxes are necessary to ensure that various services can be provided, such as national defense, infrastructure, public works, government operations and more. Another duty is, when the male citizens of America become 18 years of old, then they must register themselves with the Selective Service System. This is the way the government draft the number of citizens who are eligible for service.1A citizen of United States is being defined as someone who is born over there, within the jurisdiction of the United States of America or its territories. The body of the original Constitution comprises of three branches, that is, the Legislative, Judicial and the Executive. The rights of all citizens are outlined in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.2Four years after the ratification of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights was added, when the farmers realized their omission for the citizens. All the 10 amendments were added at the same time while the remaining 17 amendments outlined various other changes. The First Amendment protects the freedom of all citizens to practice the religion of their choice or not practice any religion, freedom of speech, freedom to address the government and freedom of the press. The Second Amendment protects the right of all citizens to own guns, although it is still unclear whether this amendment means individual citizens or state militias. The Third Amendment protects citizens from being forced to feed and to give shelter

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