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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Neymar Case (F.C. Barcelona).An effective response to crises includes leadership involvement, application of human resources initiatives, and restructuring the organizational structure. To elaborate on this effective response and mitigation process, this text will be developed adhering to the defined outline of the need to effective response, and will apply the recent FC Barcelona crisis which went viral with the globe pointing fingers at the club accusing it of fraud in signing Neymar. The text will address the issue and suggest on what was the best way to deal with the matter in terms of handling the arising issues and restoring trust and calm to all involved stakeholders.Neymar, a promising Brazilian soccer star has been a treasure many clubs have been aiming at netting and when FC Barcelona succeeded in signing him, it was expected to be the start of big things. However, it was unknown that the move was indeed suicidal for the club after claims of fraud during the signing of the star emerged. As Minder (2014, n.p.) reveals, the issue was that the club’s management had misappropriated funds during the process, stating that 57 Million Euros were spent on the signing whereas the actual sum known to have been spent was 86 Million Euros. To make matters worse, it is said that about 40 million of the said amount was paid to an organization affiliated to Neymar’s father, raising eyebrows as to the transparency of the entire process. Events following the dark turn of events were the Spanish court giving a green light for the case to proceed against the club’s tax defrauding accusations, and the club’s then manager, Sandro Rosell resigning in early 2014. What went wrong and which are best measures to prevent recurrence and restore FC Barcelona’s flawed glory?In a business context, the management of FC Barcelona had failed in its mandates thus contributing to the said outcome. The

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