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Hi, I need help with essay on Marxist philosophy. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Analyzing slavery, feudalism and in the contemporary world, capitalism, Marx found that the social struggle between the exploiter and the exploited classes is caused by contradictions in each mode of production adopted by society. These imbalances create unrest whose end result is revolutions2 such as the 1917 upheaval in Russia.The Marxist philosophy has been applied to a diverse range of subjects in economic, political and social spheres, but the political debate is the most prevalent. Marx argues that capitalism creates a rich elite minority class and the exploited majority proletariat class working for the elite. He finds that the oppressed majority3 will revolt in order to build a new better regimes catering for equality of all people in a given society.Lenin and fellow Bolsheviks, interpreting and implementing4 Marxist philosophy in 1917, seized power in a revolution that aimed at setting up a socialist state that replaced capitalist Russia with cooperative ownership of means of production. They sought to bring down the monarchy and a long history of the oppression of the proletariat in the country embodied by the royalty5. In so doing, Lenin was also against half measures that called for a negotiation with existing government.Marxist philosophy calls for socialist world view. The Bolshevik revolution, led by Lenin and compatriots, adopted this philosophy to address oppression of the large Russian peasantry at the hand of the Tsar regime. In the series of revolutions, Marxist ideals are evident in that socialism was expected to give way to communism in Russia, a classless, stateless and humane society in which each person equally shares in production and

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