Topics I•

There are many information and misinformation about Climate change online and some news outlet.

•Please check out some typical arguments about climate change

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•Myth vs Science


Please pick one topic

•At first, the Myth claim sounds plausible to you, e.g. like this one.

•Climate’s changed before•Climate is always changing. We have had ice ages and warmer periods when alligators were found in Spitzbergen. Ice ages have occurred in a hundred thousand year cycle for the last 700 thousand years, and there have been previous periods that appear to have been warmer than the present despite CO2 levels being lower than they are now. More recently, we have had the medieval warm period and the little ice age. (Richard Lindzen)

•But after you read current scientific studies





Or as discussed on


•Over the course of the Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history, the climate has changed a lot. This is true. But the rapid warming we’re seeing now can’t be explained by natural cycles of warming and cooling. The kind of changes that would normally happen over hundreds of thousands of years are happening in decades.

•Global temperatures are now at their highest since records began. In fact, 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have all taken place since 2001.

•This much faster warming corresponds with levels of carbon dioxide ( ) in the atmosphere, which have been increasing since the industrial revolution. So, when people talk about climate change today, they mean anthropogenic (man-made) climate change. This is the warming of Earth’s average temperature as a result of human activity, such as burning coal, oil and gas to produce energy to fuel our homes and transport and cutting down trees to produce the food we eat.

Suggestions on topics to choose from

•The one you think your family member has some misunderstanding and you can use what you learned to convince them.

•Please keep the discussion civil. A peaceful learning experience is beneficial, while polarized debate is not.

•Other topics.  •

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Please write a short essay

•Briefly describe the claim of the ‘climate myth’• ~ 100 words

•What are the current scientific research results and understanding about it?• ~ 200 words

•Use your own words and reasoning to rebut the climate myth. •100-200 words

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