Columbia College Week 5 Risk Factors for Sexual Offenders Annotated Bibliography

Question Description

Review note-taking tools. Visit the Northcentral library. In the
category “Research Help,” click on “Research Resources” and then scroll
down to “Citing Articles.” Explore the two note-taking and organizing
tools there, RefWorks and EndNote. Also, visit the Zotero and Citeulike websites
and review these online note-taking and organizing tools. Choose a tool
that best fits your need and you feel most comfortable with.

Warm-up Activity 5.2

Carefully study the following example of how to prepare an annotated
bibliography entry. Note that there are four sections to the entry:
hypothesis, methodology, conclusion, and evaluation. Be sure to include
each of these sections in your annotated bibliography entries. For
information on annotated bibliographies, visit

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Annotated Bibliography sample


Begin an annotated bibliography of the articles that you are
reviewing. Note all the important sections of the article, as
illustrated in the sample above. Also, note not only the articles that
you plan to use, but also any article that you read. Be sure to note at
the end of the article how useful the article may be for your literature

Include the five articles you reviewed in Week 3 and find an
additional ten so that there is a total of 15 articles in this version
of your Annotated Bibliography. Add a one-page paper that reflects your
experiences with note-taking and research tools. Identify those that
include features you would like to use and which one, if any, you have
adopted for your own use.

Please note that the same rules for a citation that apply to other
documents (such as proper paraphrasing and the use of quotation marks
where necessary) apply to annotated bibliographies as well. It is not
acceptable to cut and paste from the abstract or the body of an article.
Rather, you are expected to read the article completely and
appropriately paraphrase the necessary material. For those few
situations where paraphrasing is not acceptable, then the material that
has not been paraphrased needs to be placed in quotation marks

Length: at least 15 research articles Your annotated bibliography should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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