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Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Marketing Analysis of DKNY. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The industry depends and thrives mainly on visual displays that assist the companies in selling its goods and services to its consumers. As a result, fashion brands make use of flashy displays and fashion shows to showcase and sell their products. One DKNY makes use of different strategies compared to its competitors such as Calvin Klein, DKNY and Gucci in selling its products.DKNY is a brand that was span off in the year 1988 when the founder Donna Karan found the need to come up with trendy modern wear for young city dwellers. The initial idea was span off as an inspiration drawn from her daughter Gaby when the designer saw a gap in designing clothes for young people. The company started with the production of women Jeanswear before is started producing other clothes such as menswear and accessories. DKNY prides itself as a company that makes fashionable clothes that appeal to young people. The company in the early days marketed itself as a fashion brand that was specifically made for the modern and hip women since this target market had been neglected by big fashion brands. The company’s range of new and modern designs endeared many customers to the brand leading to the growth of the designer (Kerfoot, 2009).By the year 1996, the company’s success has spread to the Asian and European continents and the company sales increased tremendously. The success of the company led to the opening of new stores and product lines such as the company invested in a fragrance line with the addition of underwear, footwear, and baby clothing range. From the year 1996 through to 2000, the company was in an expansion mode that saw the company open stores and launch new product lines in a bid to satisfy its customer’s demand. The main driver of the DKNY brand in the past and currently was the need for fashionable and trendy designs among the young people. The growth of the brand led to interest from outside investors who were interested in purchasing the company (Ebster, 2011).

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