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CJ 520 Journal Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: In this course, the journal will be used for reflection in Module Four.
Occasionally, the United States Supreme Court makes decisions that are considered groundbreaking (abortion, gay marriage, death penalty, civil rights). In turn,
these court decisions can affect public policies. These changes are often the result of the changes in public opinion that stem from them. Often, the response of
policy actors, such as the media and local governmental agencies, to the court decision plays a role in these policy changes.
For this journal, you will research and locate at least one United States Supreme Court case that you believe influenced state or federal decisions or actions
about your selected public policy issue that in turn will influence your departmental policy. The Module Four resource U.S. Case Law Opinions offers a sampling
of recent and historic Supreme Court cases to choose from. You may also choose one from your own research.
Refer also to the Criminal Justice Library Tips for assistance in finding and citing outside sources. Be sure to apply what you have learned in this journal task to
your final project.
Prompt: In a minimum of 400 words, address the following in your journal assignment:
 Provide the name of the case and the court’s holding in the case.
 Explain how you believe the court’s decision played a role in policy changes.
 Support your journal assignment using specific details regarding the decision of the case.
 Describe how you will apply what you have learned to your final project

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