Examine pages 80-82 in Dreams from My Father. Start with the paragraph that begins, “‘That’s just how white folks will do you.'” Continue to page 82 and the paragraph that begins, ” And I would know that Ray…” Read this passage closely. Take note of what you feel as you read this passage. Record those feelings. Remember that feelings and thoughts are not the same. Feelings are emotions: sadness, happiness, fear, awe, anger, etc. Thoughts are ideas that occur to you after reflecting on the ideas that the passage contained.

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Right after reading, begin to write:

1. first, write your feelings. Examine both what you are feeling and why you are feeling this way.

2. Next, write your thoughts about the ideas that are expressed in this passage.

3. Finally write about how the fact that the man who wrote this, is now the president, impacts your own experience of living in the U.S. at this point in history.

Write for at least 2 pages double spaced.

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