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Presentation to Company Staff    As per the Week 2 discussion, imagine that you have recently been  hired as a health promotion specialist at a large company to coordinate  their worksite wellness program. Your supervisor approved your request  to conduct a needs assessment with the staff, and you have received the  results (see the provided needs assessment report).  Knowing that you have been collecting information from staff and are  starting to create your wellness program, people at the company are  interested to know what it is you plan to do. They want to know that the  information you gathered from them is actually being used and that you  listened to what they have to say. Your supervisor suggests that you  draw on the results of the needs assessment to create a mission and  vision statement for your department that gives everyone an idea about  what you plan to do. You also know it’s important to create goals and  objectives based on the needs assessment you conducted (see provided  fictitious needs assessment report). Your supervisor would like you to  host an informational session that employees could attend to learn more  about the program and ask questions they might have about how the  program will be rolled out. For your post, you will create a  presentation* that provides an overview of your program. Your  presentation should be structured exactly as if you were “live” in front  of an audience of the staff at the company. Your post should include an  “announcement” to your classmates about your presentation (similar to  an email or flyer you might create to advertise your presentation to the  company) and the URL link to your presentation. Please also post or attach a SCRIPT of your presentation for those who are unable to hear the audio. For your presentation, you shouldCreate your program’s mission and vision Justify why you created the mission and vision as you did Illustrate how your program will address at least one health topic/issue Create one goal and associated process, impact, and outcome  objectives for your program (use the information in chapter 6,  specifically box 6.3, as a guide) Demonstrate how you would use each objective in relation to evaluating your program

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