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Reply to the students questions in 150 words and provide 1 referenceQuestionThere are 3 primary professional organizations supporting Supply Chain Management. Based on your interests, pick one of them and browse their web site for information about their services to their members. Briefly summarize what you find most interesting. Institute for Supply Management (ISM) — primary focus on purchasingAPICS — primary focus on manufacturingCouncil of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) — origins were primarily focused on distributionStudents responseI found it interesting that APICS has advanced world-class supply chain programs for businesses to help assist with research, education, and improve overall business performance. It was fascinating to discover all the resources available to corporate entities who require assistance with a supply chain system. The company web portal allows firms to easily manage their system online with access to ASCM (ASCM, 2019). Most importantly, the ASCM Enterprise Certification is the only corporate certification for organizations globally who demonstrate efficient processes, innovative strategies, and show they are capable of operating a successful supply chain (ASCM, 2019). ASCM offers many opportunities to learn the principles of supply chain management and how to incorporate it effectively into the business. The system also allows for closed networking with a virtual community to share insight and discuss with other businesses their supply chain improvements (ASCM, 2019). The SCOR metric analysis allows businesses to evaluate customer satisfaction opportunities and improve company performance where needed. Lastly, one of the largest resources is for firms to interact in real-time with corporate member leaders across industries that can discuss topics such as risk management or artificial intelligence in application of improving manufacturing processes within the supply chain (ASCM, 2019).ASCM. (2019). Transform your Business. Retrieved from

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