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Write 2 page essay on the topic Healthcare Industry Overview Grid.If it looks as if there is a market big enough to make a profitable product, the product is unique in the market and the product can be protected (via patenting or some other means) then businesses are commonly encouraged to dive into the expensive product development phase.Pharmaceutical/ Drug Industry is mainly responsible for developing, producing and marketing drugs that have been approved by the health authorities or governing agencies McGuire, 2007) These drugs are mainly intended for medicinal purposes. Pharmaceutical companies can sell generic or branded medications. However, distribution and selling of such medicines are subject to variety of laws since there are issues regarding patenting, testing and marketing of drugs. The government is very strict in monitoring the pharmaceutical industry since the health of the general public is at stake.Health care personnel can be employed by pharmaceutical companies as medical technologists, chemists, or researchers. Usually, medical and sales representatives are also needed by this industry. Biotechnology researchers are in demand in this industry as well as laboratory assistants.Health Information Systems falls under the category of Health Informatics. It is a multi-disciplinary approach wherein computer science is integrated in health care services. A good health information system integrates “administrative files, enrollment files, clinical information, surveys and other data” (McGlynn,1998). Companies that offer Health Information Systems provide software services as well as database systems that can help health professionals make accurate decisions about patients. Some of the services provided by HIS are Health Information Management, dictation and transcription, document management and imaging, case management, revenue cycle management, and performance improvement. Health Information Systems

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