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Compose a 1000 words essay on Power Point Research Proposal. Needs to be plagiarism free!However, heart attack risk factors can be effectively reduced by embracing a healthy living style, which includes modified diets, lifestyle, and physical activities for older women. The PICOT-based research question will be the basis for the practice where two heart attack reduction intervention will be compared, which include the use of Aspirin and lifestyle modification.Mortality rate caused by heart attack in older women is a global epidemic. Although there being medications such as Aspirin to reduce heart attack, the side effects are adverse making it a rather risky intervention. However, lifestyle modification forms a better intervention compared to the use of Aspirin as it has minimal risks and side effects and promote the overall health of a woman as well as reducing risks to other diseases.The evidence-based practice aims at establishing the effectiveness of modifying lifestyle to reduce the chances of a heart attack that will be compared to the use of Aspirin intervention. The practice further aims at improving awareness of heart attack risk factors that will be a major intervention in reducing mortality rate from heart diseases in older women.The evidence-based practice will be important, as it will find out whether lifestyle modification for women aged 45-75 years is better compared to the Aspirin regimen. The practice will further promote awareness of risks factors that contribute to heart attacks among older women.Studies have shown that physical activity has been one of the most successful interventions in reducing coronary heart disease. Daily exercise including simple walks has potential health benefits including reducing heart attack risks. The literature conducted aimed at the perceptions associated with Aspirin regimen in reducing the risk of heart attack. Additionally, reviewed studies aimed at comparing the efficacy of modifying lifestyle to the use of Aspirin regimen. Notably, most studies points out that modification

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