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Need help with my writing homework on The Glass Castle. Write a 1000 word paper answering; They used to go without food day in day out. Had leaking roofs over their head, and had worn torn clothes as well as stealing their money together with their souls. Despite all these, Jeannette and her siblings always found a way to welcome them back. In many instances in the book there are very many instances where Jeannette is justified in hating her parents and going to as far as abandoning them forever. Nevertheless, she at all times found a way to overcome these feelings and ultimately forgave her parents. She narrates the events characterizing her life not with self pity but as a means of accepting the incidents that almost ruined her life. There are very many examples on how Rose and Rex raise their children brutally that it was a pity they didn’t die of neglect. She gives an example of how she got burnt while cooking hot dogs and had to be admitted in hospital (11-13). She loves her stay in the hospital since she has an opportunity to get three decent meals in a day. She also had television in her room. In fact, she says that she would be very happy if she stayed in the hospital forever. The level of neglect is also explained in the conversation between Jeannette and the hospital nurse after he saw many bruises on Jeannette’s body as well as the many burns she had on her body. These happening didn’t weigh her down. When the nurse who was attending to her asked her where she sustained those injuries, he didn’t blame her parents. Her parents pretend to be highlife people. When Jeannette shows them a chewing gum she was given by the hospital staff her mother calls it a low life habit. In fact, from the excerpts in the book she describes her dad as smelling of alcohol and cigarette when he came to pick her from hospital. Moreover, it is ironical how high life people would escape from hospital without paying for the hospital bills. Rex gives an impression that he doesn’t have patience with anyone who doesn’t agree with his views. This can be demonstrated when he nearly punches a doctor who was bandaging the wounds on Jeannette’s body. Jeannette has learnt to live with them. In fact she is very fond of her dad who her mother describes as a habitual drunk (23). When Jeannette gets burnt she doesn’t fear fire but instead she gets fascinated with it. She says that when she returns home from hospital, she fixes a hot dog for herself. The mother gets impressed with how Jeannette gets “right back into the saddle.” Her parents are keen to ensure that she doesn’t fear fire. The mother tells that she should never live on fear of fire while her father shows her how to pass her hand through flame of a candle without sustaining any burns. She does this repeatedly and is even fascinated by watching neighbors’ burning their trash. She tells a story of a neighbor who says that Jeannette should want to run from fire after getting burnt to which she replies why the hell she should run away from fire while she had already fought it and won (15). This section demonstrates how her parents raise them. They are bent on teaching their children to never fear fire which nevertheless they do by setting her on a path that is most likely pyromania. In fact, it is worth noting that her fascination with fire is rather unusual.

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