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i have 3 stus plz do 3 copies due 5h

each one need 1.5 pages answer and 1 page reply

The following questions are based on Human Capital and Human Development in the context of Economic Development of Developing Nations:

Post your brief but concise responses on the following Questions by due date. You may also respond to postings by other fellow class mates as part of your responses.

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Make sure you give proper citation and references as part of your discussion/contribution.

1. What is human capital and why is it so crucial to expand human capital as part of the development process in developing countries? Give concrete example(s) of specific countries as part of your answer to substantiate.

2. Explain some of the reasons why developing countries have not realized a greater positive development impact from their higher education programs. In this context, why should the development of a solid elementary education system take precedence over an expansion of the university system in developing countries? Give specific country example that you find in your readings for the relevant materials. Economics homework help.


3. Explain how a better-educated population will also tend to be a healthier, and vice versa, that a healthier population will tend to be better educated. In this context, how can an increase in human capital lead to an increase in GDP? Why might it not lead to an increase in GDP? Give a concrete example as part of you explanation to this question.

4. Apply what you have learned about development and development theories so speculate on the following thought experiment: It is about the role of Human Capital and Related Attributes.

What, if anything, might be different about today’s international economic order if the Spanish had colonized North America and the English had colonized South America? Also make a comment to one of your cohort’s postings. Please make sure you provide proper citations and references from your reading materials, if any.

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