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Name the quality and quantity of each of the following propositions, and state whether their subject and predicate terms are distributed or undistributed:PROBLEMS1. Some presidential candidates will be sadly disappointed people.2. All those who died in Nazi concentration camps were victims of a cruel and irrational tyranny.3. Some recently identified unstable elements were not entirely accidental discoveries.4. Some members of the military-industrial complex are mild-mannered people to whom violence is abhorrent.5. No leader of the feminist movement is a major business executive.6. All hard-line advocates of law and order at any cost are people who will be remembered, if at all, only for having failed to understand the major social pressures of the twenty-first century.7. Some recent rulings of the Supreme Court were politically motivated decisions that flouted the entire history of U.S. legal practice.8. No harmful pesticides or chemical defoliants were genuine contributions to the long-range agricultural goals of the nation.9. Some advocates of major political, social, and economic reforms are not responsible people who have a stake in maintaining the status quo.10. All new labor-saving devices are major threats to the trade union movement.If we assume that the first proposition in each of the following sets is true, what can we affirm about the truth or falsehood of the remaining propositions in each set?PROBLEMS1. a. All successful executives are intelligent people.b. No successful executives are intelligent people.c. Some successful executives are intelligent people.d. Some successful executives are not intelligent people.2. a. No animals with horns are carnivores.b. Some animals with horns are carnivores.c. Some animals with horns are not carnivores.d. All animals with horns are carnivores.3. a. Some uranium isotopes are highly unstable substances.b. Some uranium isotopes are not highly unstable substances.c. All uranium isotopes are highly unstable substances.d. No uranium isotopes are highly unstable substances.4. a. Some college professors are not entertaining lecturers.b. All college professors are entertaining lecturers.c. No college professors are entertaining lecturers.d. Some college professors are entertaining lecturers.

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