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Life-skills emphasis in psychoeducational groups purports that people can be taught on a(n) level how to stop potential problems from occurring.
Which one of the following is not a type of role in a group setting?
Counseling groups recommend the number of members for groups with children than for groups for adults.
Leaders when working with conflict brought about by “power” difficulties within a group must differentiate between position power and personal power. Position power conflict is often seen between individuals.
The physical structure of a group is often dependent upon that group’s intended purpose. Which structure below is more likely to be employed as a command structure (e.g., military)?
_____________________ group leaders are less directive serving as a facilitator, not as a director.
Which of the following would be a limitation resulting from co-leadership in group work?
Yalom’s curative factors within a group often affect the interactions of members and the group as a whole in complex ways. As members accept responsibility for their own lives, Yalom would assert that is the curative factor.
When a group leader is promoting interaction between group members without drawing attention to him/herself, this role is being employed.
The “interaction of group members with one another” is often referred to as .
This type of group may have 20 to 40 members on average.
One would expect a “Theory X leader” to be most closely aligned with a leadership style.
In general groups stress “growth through knowledge”.
A social emerges in a group that manifests itself by altering actions, attitudes, and feelings.
In working with abusive individuals, groups seem to be rather effective.
Kottler asserts that a “counseling group for counselors” can help counselors deal more effectively with the that comes from working with people in pain.


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The “Critical-incident Model” for training group leaders involves each of the following “steps” where the trainee completes each except .
Which one is not a core mechanism of group leadership?
Although distinction between “self-help groups” and “support groups” can be subtle, a difference in is often evident.
In regards to group content, “good decision making involves interaction with others in the pursuit of a _________________________”.
When engaging in the group leader shows a genuine concern for others through their openness and honesty
The direct outcome of successful supervision for group leaders purports to aid in leaders’ growth in all of the following leadership skills except .
According to Nolan, accomplishing the goal of “honest self-investigation; to promote full use of potentials; to bring about awareness of self-contradictions”, group leader would employ .
Glass and Benshoffs PARS model, to conceptualize “processing” in group work, is an acronym where “A” stands for .
According to Hulse-Killackcy, Schumacher, and Kraus, the “balance” between content and process is .


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