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Answer the following 5 questions…..must be paragraph each in length for each answer.


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1. What are some of the ideas and misconceptions surrounding “music and Islam” (provide at least three examples)? What are some representations of Arab and Middle Eastern cultures and peoples in the mass media and popular imagination?



2. Discuss rhythm in Arab music. What is the difference between metric and non-metric performance? Give at least one example of each from this chapter, and at least one example of each from music found elsewhere (on the internet or from your own collection).

3.What important role did Arab civilization and culture play in Europe during the seventh to the fourteenth centuries? How did the Ottoman era and the colonial regime influence music in the Arab world?

4.What is the UNESCO Commission on Intangible Cultural Heritage, and how might it contribute to the sustainability of various kinds of music cultures throughout the world?

5.How is the Arab world and/or the Middle East multiethnic, multilinguistic, and multireligous? Give specific examples of each. How does the music presented in this chapter reflect this diversity?

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