English homework help

1) Which homework ____________?

2) You should read this novel — it’s been ……… recommended by all the critics.

3) Fiona is very angry ……… her boss’s decision to sack several members of staff.English homework help.

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4) Also, these poor ones ______________ getting help all the time or have been avoided for as long.

5) I can answer your question in a ___________________

6) Hey there! I just wanted to call and say ____ for having me over

7) No offence intended _______ I think you haven’t understood the problem correctly.

8) Hey I’m having trouble with this question. Please ________

9) It would be a ______ to help you with your question.

10) The teacher asked if ……… to bring our textbooks to class

11) I have great ______________ handling this type of assignment. ________ asap

12) I will not ________ my duty to assist you.

13) Did you really understand all _______ he said?

14) Investors ________ at the electronic billboard where bright green letters and numbers flow by on a black background.

15) Hey there. I’ll be home at 6. You will get your answers ___. Hope you find them ____




16) The Oval Office, _____ in the White House, is the office of the President of the United States.

17) That question looks interesting. _____ I help you with it?

18) Chairs _______ don’t have cushions are uncomfortable to sit on

19) I have started working on it and I will _______ it ASAP

20) If you are interested please _____ when you can

21) All your answers will be _____ by the deadline.

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