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Write 11 pages with APA style on Learning Research Proposal. In order to appreciate and understand the role of video games in learning, it would be appropriate to understand the psychological nature of cognitive enhancement. According to Guithrie et al, (2011), numerous learning theories will serve the purpose of validating advantages of interactive tools in the classroom. One such theory involves the aspect of sensory stimulation. Research on cognitive development indicates that individuals can only learn after developing an elevated sense of sensory arousal. In this case, arousal entails manipulation of human senses of hearing and sight. In addition, sensory stimulations come with corresponding emotional feelings that reinforce acquisition of appropriate learning attitudes. Additional information proves that approximately 70% of knowledge held by students comes from seeing. On the other hand, the sense of hearing accounts for 15% of the total information known by an average student within a learning facility. The sense of touch, smell and task only accounts for a cumulative total of 15%. This means that learning is directly proportional to sensory stimulation. Having acknowledges these facts about cognitive development. the next step entails selection of appropriate tools meant to facilitate sensory stimulation. In this case, visual and audio media devices features as the most appropriate techniques of eliciting desired stimulation on the sight and hearing senses. Apart from the learning theory of sensory stimulation, cognitive studies suggest that experiment.

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