Financial Tools and Legal Environment Assignment
This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the nature, purpose, and characteristic of income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets as financial reporting mechanisms
  2. Make informed judgments by critically evaluating the use of financial ratios in measuring and interpreting financial performance Financial Tools and Legal Environment Assignment
  3. Demonstrate the use of break-even analysis and capital investment in a business setup
  4. Practically be able to construct new venture financial models in Excel
  5. Critically evaluates alternative financing strategies and develops a strategy to approach the right investors
  6. Strategies appropriate for self and the subject/ profession to advance own knowledge and provide a basis for continuing professional development


Details Of The Task

Case Study

AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies. A wide range of businesses including early stage, venture capital-backed as well as more established companies joins AIM seeking access to growth capital.  Choose a company in the sector you are interested in via the following link.

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Prepare A Business Financing Plan To

1. Include a financial ratio analysis using data in the financial statements of the chosen company Comment on profitability, liquidity, debt, and asset activity ratios. Detailed calculations should be included in an appendix; include key findings in a table in the body of the text Financial Tools and Legal Environment Assignment
2. Provide financial projections for the company, using alternative assumptions to identify the areas that warrant consideration or potential revisions. Use Excel spreadsheets to model the financial projections.
3. Include a breakeven analysis using appropriate assumptions based on the business context of the chosen company
4. Critically evaluate the main sources of financing entrepreneurial firms through debt or equity and discuss their advantages, disadvantages, and suitability Include citations for literature review where appropriate.
5. Based on your analysis, discuss whether the company would be better off to go for debt or equity financing if I would like to expand is business. Financial Tools and Legal Environment Assignment

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