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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on death. Death becomes the path where an individual, depending on his status in life or what he did, would have a funeral suitable to the honour that he is worth. In addition to this, death is also seen as a means of showing the power and ambitions of an individual. Greek philosophy was able to provide examples to support these claims and is able to infuse the readers with the symbolisms or of a different perspective about death. On the other hand, as a background of Hinduism as a philosophy, it should be mentioned that it lacks a uniting belief system. In other words, Hinduism is actually many beliefs and practices labelled as a single philosophy. Thus, it can well be enumerated that Hinduism is more of a compilation of different conflicting school of thoughts unlike more modern traditional philosophies like Christianity or Islam. Hinduism can be compared to sociological or artistic theories like expressionism or surrealism or for that matter modernism or postmodernism. Here the concept of death is widespread and the general belief states that death is the beginning of the other world. Greek philosophers, like Plato and Aristotle, viewed death in a more practical manner. They considered it as the opposite of life and thus the symbol of evil. Plato commented, “Death is not the worst that can happen to men.” (Plato) Here, though the context is different it is obvious that he indicated that death is a ramification of life and that the position of death must be well developed. In a way, the notion of pride and nobility is at stake if the death comes in an inglorious manner. An example would be the observations done on the mourning clothes that were worn during funerals of the Hellenic period by the patricians, where wealthy people would have finer, more elegant mourning clothes. Moreover, death is observed as a means of understanding kinship or relationships between families, including their allegiances and affections.Somehow, the audience or readers would understand or see that death does not stop the life of a person, but it actually extends it to the other individuals.&nbsp.

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