Geography homework help

CASE STUDY (Individual): Scotland

* In terms of its physical landscape, where is the region that is experiencing a devolutionary process located and what type of climate is prevalent? (use Figure 2.5 and 2.4 of the textbook).Geography homework help.

* According to the sources you have consulted, do these physical/natural characteristics have played any role in the historical background for this devolutionary process? How?

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* How do the people that inhabit the region you are studying speak about their relationship to the land and the environment? Do they express any ideas on biodiversity conservation?

* Do they say anything about their homeland? If the region you are studying has a website (official or not), what role do maps play on their web site/s?



* Is this region located close to or far from the center of power of the country (the national capital city)?

* Does this condition have any impact on the reasons why they would like to gain at-least more autonomy to make their own decisions?

* According to the source/s you have consulted, what are the main reason/s why this population would like to break-up from the country in which they live in?

Do this/these source/s mention any explanation/s based on cultural or ethnic characteristics? For example, speaking a different language? Which one? Professing a different religion? Which one? Economic disparities

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