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Write 10 pages with APA style on Emergency Planning Arrangement. An emergency is an event or a situation that threatens serious harm to the welfare of the people in the UK in such a context or the environment of a particular place in the society (Dillon et/al 2009, 39).&nbsp.It may also include war or terrorism that may threaten vital damage to UK security. Emergency planning ought to aim at preventing emergencies from occurring. However, when such emergencies arise, a proper contingency plan should help in the reduction, controlling, or mitigation of the impacts of the emergency (Alexander 2002, 89). Emergency planning is a continuous and systematic process that ought to evolve and as experience teaches people different lessons in case of emergency and circumstances also change. Emergency planning commences with the establishment of the profile of the risk that aids in the determination of what ought to be the priorities for the development of plans concluding with reviews and revisions (Dillon et/al 2009, 67). A good plan should have great emphasis on the following three categories of persons in society. These are the vulnerable, victims besides the responder personnel. These vulnerable have limitations in rescuing themselves from these problems due to their physical capability compared to the self-reliant individuals in the scene. Victims of the scenes are those affected by the fatalities besides the family members of those affected. The other category that is hit by the emergency is the responder personnel. Plans for such emergencies may sometimes be unrealistic or rather absurd for these individuals in terms of the expectations that society may have from them. It is very clear that no one can predict whatever is around the corner. The emergencies come at the least expected times (Lathrop 1981, 306).Due to their unpredicted nature, the emergency sector liaises with other agencies to put in place any necessary measures to curb the situation in case they arise.

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