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This Lab uses and expands upon the OURDatabase Access file that you completed for Module 03.In this assignment, you will practice specifying appropriate data types for Attributes in your OURDatabase. Review the guide below to learn how to change Attribute Data Types in MS-Access 2013. Guide: How to Change Attribute Data Types in AccessThis will be OURDatabase Step 4. Open your OURDatabase file and do the following:In earlier modules you simply specified “short text” for all attributes added to your tables. Now, you should consider and apply an appropriate data type to each of the Attributes in the LabResult, Prescription, Referrals and Patient Diagnosis table. Open your database file in Microsoft Access and add the items shown in the table below. Note: Each of the tables listed below should already be in your database file (from Module 03 Lab). Here, you are just adding further specifications. Do not remove any attributes you added earlier; just add these new attributes to the existing tables.Table NameAttribute NameLabResults*Labtest_ID (PK)Test dateLDL CholesterolTriglyceridesWBC CountBilirubinPrescription*PrescriptionID (PK)Number daily dosesDrugnameStrengthReferrals*ReferralIDReferring docReferral to docDate of ReferralReasonPatients Diagnosis*Pt DxIDDate of dxPatient IDICD10code1ICD10code2Now, specify an appropriate Access data type for each Attribute in each table listed above. Be sure to consider whether any “number keys entered” are actually used as a number or as just a label. Remember also the special concerns about dates. Open a new Microsoft Word document and do the following for each of the four (4) tables:  Go into Design view for the table. Take a screenshot, making sure the Data type as well as field names are visible. Paste the screenshot into the Microsoft Word document. Your Microsoft Word document should have a total of four (4) screenshots in it to document your completion of this assignment.If you are not familiar with taking screenshots, please visit the Library and Learning Services page “How can I take a screenshot on my smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC?” for guidance.

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