This purpose of this assignment is for the student to present a complete picture of nursing care of a critically-ill

individual encountered during the course. The student will demonstrate clinical reasoning skills and will discuss

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interdisciplinary care that had been incorporated and/or anticipated during the care of the critically-ill individual.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO 1: Provide nursing care to patients and their families in critical and emergent care settings based on theories and

principles of nursing and related disciplines.

CO 2: Initiate the use of appropriate resources in direct care responsibilities within critical-care and emergent care


CO 3: Demonstrate effective therapeutic communication and relationship skills in providing care to patients and

families in critical-care and emergent care settings.

CO 4: Demonstrate effective clinical decision-making based on critical thinking skills and legal, ethical and

professional standards and principles when caring for patients and families in critical care and emergent care


CO 5: Implement a plan of for continued personal, professional, and educational development related to nursing

practice within critical-care and emergent care settings.

CO 7: Use evidence including research findings from nursing and related disciplines to answer clinical questions

related to nursing care of patients in critical care and emergent care settings

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