Integration of Nursing Informatics Skills and Competencies

Reflect on your own practice. Explain how much informatics you use in a shift or day of work.

I can recall when paper charting was utilized in every hospital until most recently.  When I heard that all hospitals were being mandated to go to computerized charting, my friends and I were not very happy because it meant we had to change. Nurses love repetition, don’t we? I can recall the countless hours of electronic health record training and the time it took to get things worked out. Today, I can’t even imagine how we worked without the computer. It is amazing how much easier technology has made our work in the nursing profession.

For our second discussion question this week, please reflect on your own nursing practice. Please explain how you utilize informatics during your shift, or, in your workplace. Please critically think!  We are using technology in our nursing practice even when we are unaware. In addition to computerized charting, we have automated vital signs monitors, feeding pumps, IV pumps, and I am sure you can think of quite a few other pieces of technology! How much informatics are you utilizing in your personal daily nursing practices?

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