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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Performance Management System for Retail Sales Associates. In order to communicate the new standards of behavior, the sales manager could resort to two methods. The first one would be through meetings regularly held between the sales manager and the sales associates. Meetings are especially effective because they allow immediate feedback(Harrison, 2000). For instance, where the expected behavior is not well understood by a sales associate, they can ask for clarification right away. In addition, because the meeting will bring together all the sales associates and the sales manager, they can make it clear that the new standards apply to all sales associates at the store. Otherwise, holding separate meetings would breed suspicion and mistrust among the staff as some would think that the new standards are being applied selectively. The presentation of the new standards of behavior at the meeting should be followed by a letter addressed to each sales associate. The latter adds weight to what was discussed at the meeting. At the same time, the letter should explain why the company is introducing the new standards of behavior. It should also outline the desired goal of the new standards. In addition, the letter should explain to the sales associate how they stand to benefit from the new standards(Haines III & St-Onge, 2012). For instance, if a sales associate is able to increase sales as a result of adopting the new model of behavior, they increase their chances of exceeding their sales targets such that they are entitled to their bonus. There are several ways through which the sales manager can give feedback to a sales associates on how they are embracing the new standard of behavior. Two of these are proposed here. The first one is feedback through coaching based on strengths(McShane & von Glinow, 2007). This method allows employees to focus on their strengths as opposed to requiring them to develop new abilities. Managers are more effective when they dwell on the strengths, not weaknesses, of their employees.

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