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Need an argumentative essay on Human Resource management. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.In this era of globalization and organizational integration, adopting selective hiring strategies is necessary to achieve a huge competitive advantage over rivals. The employees are expected to contribute to extensive product development and process cycles, in which human resource plays a cardinal role for success (Bergwerk, 1988. Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). A constrained labour market in some economies creates a pressure on HR professionals to recruit the most-efficient task-force. Time becomes a challenging factor in establishing a sound and efficient internal recruitment system (Beaumont and Hunter, 1992. Hallier, 2001. Henderson, 2011. Beaumont and Hunter, 1992).Nowadays, demographic shifts across different economies are creating problems of getting the efficient labour force and the recruiting appropriate manpower. The problems of attrition and displacement of workforce happen almost every year. This leads to a high turn-over and shortage of talented candidates, to be retained for a long time in companies.The purpose of the present study is to investigate the recruitment and selection practices utilized in a heavy manufacturing sector of the UK. Knowing the good staffing practices by the HR department in an organization, it is necessary to procure employees with good academic record, knowledge, skills and attitude (Belbin, 1981. Bergwerk, 1988. Cook, 2009). This approach results in higher productivity from even newer employees in an organization. Therefore, knowing about the recruitment and staffing practices, particularly for a manufacturing sector, should be used as a frequent practice in organizations (Beaumont and Hunter, 1992. Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). This paper therefore begins with trends in the high value manufacturing labour market of the UK and moves ahead to identify the gaps in the system. On the basis of the case analysis of a heavy diesel equipment manufacturing company in UK, Cummis, this

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