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Jennifer is fourteen years old and practices her favorite sport, archery, every day at a local archery range. Although children are generally not allowed to use a bow and arrows unaccompanied by an adult according to the posted rules of the range, Jennifer has a special relationship with the owners of the course, who consider her to be of unusual maturity and talent. She is generally allowed to use the archery range without an adult supervising her as long as she makes a personal appearance for the range on certain “Hunger Games” promotional nights. One day, while shooting her arrows, Jennifer was distracted by a very noisy crow in the middle of drawing her bow, became annoyed, lost her concentration, and let her arrow fly off course, leaving the range property, striking a power transformer for the neighboring subdivision, causing it to cease operations. The neighborhood Home Owners Association that installed the transformer had failed to attach the required protective arrow-proof padding screen on the transformer that had been required when it received the permit for installing the transformer next to an archery range.Lawrence lives in the affected neighboring subdivision. He relies on a constant supply of electricity in order to stay alive. When the transformer was shut down, Lawrence’s equipment stopped supplying the needed electricity, and he suffered serious physical damage to a number of vital organs.What possible tort causes of action does Lawrence have against Jennifer?Question 1 options:A) Strict LiabilityB) None, as Jennifer is a minorC) Assault D) Negligence

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