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Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Why Ethnicity Rather than Religion Appears Sailent in the Conflict in Sri Lanka. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The recent absence of a full-scale war and ceasefire had been of great value in this direction resulting in Government’s concentrating on welfare measures and popular policies, much needed by the island country. It has also achieved the greatest goal of safeguarding quite a few innocent and misled lives. Unfortunately, the violence has increased since then threatening to spread and spillover. When all other countries are marching towards better reforms, Sri Lanka had been languishing in a civil war without any end or peace insight and this aspect has literally put a stop to its further growth as a welfare state. The tropical island considered to be a paradise once is like a death trap today.There was no doubt, other players, earlier in the Tamil insurgency and most of them were only demanding a better deal for the Tamilians, for which they were definitely entitled to. Today, the Jaffna area has only Tamilians, while Srilankans avoid the region for fear of LTTE. The entire region is cordoned off by LTTE and is literally ruled by them. LTTE is facing the international accusation of recruiting children to its ranks, which is true. It is either feared or loved by local Tamilians and they help LTTE, willingly or under duress, by giving them information, saving them, running errands, keeping them informed of the army movements and thus, protecting them from every disaster.It is not easy to point out an exact date for the commencement of genesis of Tamil militancy. Tamil militancy in Srilanka has taken many forms and hues. Apart from a small minority of local Tamilians, a large number of Tamils migrated from the Southern Indian State of Tamilnadu (erstwhile Madras State) during British rule to work in the tea plantations of Ceylon (now Srilanka) and over the years, they’re set in a feeling that they had been conveniently and systematically ignored by the Government and rest of Srilankan population, politically and socially.

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