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I will pay for the following essay Native american article summaries. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.As a result, the issue of same-sex marriage has divided its citizens. The same pattern replicates across the larger Native American population all over America (Smithers).The Cherokee communities in North Carolina and Oklahoma have the same grounds regarding same-sex marriage and gay rights. Although the North Carolina state has been issuing same-sex marriage licenses for the past decade, the Cherokees do not allow them. The have passed laws that prohibit the marriages within the community (Smithers). The Cherokees in Oklahoma are also against the legalization of same-sex relationships. They refer to same-sex couples as roommates, and the support partners offer each is limited. The community has strong traditions regarding marriage, and its lawmakers have been reluctant on approving same-sex relationships (Smithers).There is no doubt that same-sex marriage and gay rights will continue to provoke debate throughout America. Some of the Native Americans will continue taking comfort on the concept that gay marriage belongs to the white. It will be no surprise if they do not welcome the much awaited Supreme Court ruling (Smithers).The article details the move by Native Americans in Minnesota to have the Columbus statue removed from a pedestal at the heart of State Capitol. The activist groups want people to learn the true history of Christopher Columbus. They claim he was a master of Genocide that saw the population of Native Americans in the Dominican Republic and Haiti reduce by five million within three years. When he was the governor of Espanola Island, he enslaved Americans though most history books avoid associating him with genocide. The statue has been in place for the last 83 years, and it only reminds residents of the Genocide (Sorem and Mcntee).Minnesota’s legislature is drafting a bill to change the statue’s engraving. The current engraving reads “Discoverer of America” and if the bill is a success, it will change

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