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Compose a 250 words essay on Mixed- Methods Research. Needs to be plagiarism free!The researcher is in a position to cover a wide scope because of a wide range of research questions since there is no confinement in a single approach. The method has its weakness such as increased costs of carrying out the research and more time is likely to be consumed before ones completes a given study (Creswell and Clark,2007). The researcher has no choice but to learn how to integrate the different methods for a coherent study.I will use mixed methods design strategy because it will add more insights and understanding that is not achievable when using one approach. For instance, evaluating the features of childcare services will need one research method while understanding how the parents choose the particular methods of caregiving will require another research method.The on the number of mothers working outside their homes uses mixed methods approach. The quantitative method in this study was used to evaluate how parents check on different characteristics of childcare services given to their children. The researcher used qualitative method through questionnaires to establish the experiences of the mothers from their caregiving services. The researcher used mixed methods design in order to broaden the research questions and get more insights into caregiving services to the rural parents. I would have chosen the mixed methods approach in order to provide a strong proof for a deduction through corroboration of

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