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Details: When George Monroe found out that he had terminal cancer and was essentially dying, I would implement the theory of planned change. The planned change theory is a good theory to use for a patient who received a new diagnosis. The diagnosis of a terminal illness is definite change and requires daily life change in order to maintain the highest quality of life. Lewin’s theory has three stages. During the unfreezing stage to live with a terminal diagnosis would be addressed. The next step would be announced. Barriers to the plan would be addressed as well and grief would help to sustain the changes that were implemented and ensure they  become a pattern. It would be expected from George. The final stage would be the refreezing stage. This would help to sustain the changes that were implemented and ensure they become a pattern. It would be expected that when faced with terminal diagnosis, there would be a backward and forward process of movement. This theory would best help George to make lifestyle changes to ensure optimal quality of life and it would also assist him in making changes to help fix his relationship with his son during his final days.
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